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(Also known as Aarti Chhabria Marriage Bureau)

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Mrs.Aarti Chhabria is running marriage bureau since last 30 years. She comes from a very reputed Sindhi business family. By god’s grace till date she has successfully arranged marriages of enormous souls. People have a different kind of confidence after they meet her in person. She is having a wide database of members. She entered into this noble profession in the year 1985 and has been running it successfully since then. She runs this marriage bureau for Sindhi's (Specialized) & Punjabi's.

She is a very well-known successful educated Match-Maker. She has a presence which is not only limited in India but also has members from all over the world. From big industrialists, leading businessmen, graduates, doctors, engineers, Chartered Accountants to the people from all the Strata of society comprise her clientele.

In this modern era, when people can't devote much time for socializing and nobody takes responsibility for others, she gives professional services and personal attention to all the strata of society for arranging marriages of their children. Her marriage bureau makes the world small for the people. She helps out in arranging marriages of all the classes in the society and has no discrimination of any kind towards a particular being.

The USP of her marriage bureau is nothing but she herself. She not only arranges the marriage of the members but also takes keen interest in grooming them.

Through her marriage bureau, she gives wider and better choice of selection to the society which results into successful happy marriages. This helps a lot to the parents. She is the one who really respects the choice of the candidates and tries to understand their requirements and thereby tries to give them maximum satisfaction in choosing their life-partner. She is the only marriage bureau consultant who has started her organization independently since beginning without anybody's help or guidance and made her organization one of the successful famous marriage bureau in Mumbai.

" - Aarti Chhabria's Marriage bureau"is the biggest, most successful, trustworthy marriage bureau favourite amongst cultured, well-settled, well educated affluent Sindhi's settled in Bombay, India & Abroad. Here one to one personal service attention is given. Here all the information is kept strictly confidential.

Hitesh Chhabria Son of Aarti Chhabria, a postgraduate in commerce having an experience of 4 years in media industry is also now offering a helping hand in his mother’s business.

SoulMeet is a place where you will meet your mate !!

WHAT WE DO is the place where we will help you meet your prospective soul mate. We offer personalized match-making services (Matrimonial Services) for the Sindhi community in specific & Punjabi community in general.

With the above mentioned services we also groom our candidates,if required.

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